Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mini Review (I.M.P) - Monks of Mellonwah - Sky and the Dark Night

The Monks of Mellonwah are a four-piece alternative band from Down Under (Australia) and have been heavily influenced by Rock giants such as Led Zeppelin, Muse and Pink Floyd. Their sound has evolved enormously over the years. They now depend on experimental elements combined with awesome, crushing riffs and melodic and euphoric synth pads.

The latest release from the band is their third EP, entitled 'Sky and the Dark Night'. It is a fantastic example of a band having fun making incredibly extrovert music. The sound is almost dance-like at some points, but blended in with the rock theme, it sounds completely cohesive throughout the short duration of the EP (only at 8 minutes). Although it is a short release, it is progressive in terms of genre and how much they manage to achieve in the duration of the EP.

Split into three songs, it's a journey through different aspects of what could be considered day and night, the moon and stars, anything with a natural and "out-of-this-world" connotation. Musically, it emulates the Muse vibe when they decided to include the 3 part "Exogenesis Symphonies" on 'The Resistance'.

I highly recommend downloading this EP when it gets released on the 1st of April. It is a breath-taking experience, whilst also remaining energetic enough to rock out to. For those of you who haven't heard of Monks of Mellonwah before, now is the perfect time to get to know them and to familiarise yourself with their back catalogue. They are currently working on a full-length album and it should be out this year.

Below are a couple of links to listen to the Monks of Mellonwah:

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