Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Courteeners - Anna

Welcome to Manchester

The Smiths Jr are back with their third album 'Anna', three years after the release of 'Falcon'. With the new album, it is apparent that they have developed as a band and have taken a slightly different route, as they venture into the sophisticated side of Indie, whilst being openly experimental with the musicality of 'Anna'. Don't get it twisted though, as The Courteeners are still the same, typical Mancunian four piece.

The band have managed to make a compromise between their earlier two albums, picked the best sections from each and have merged them together to form 'Anna'. Throughout we hear the harsher tones and the multi-dimensional lyrics that were contained in the first album, as well as the anthemic vibe of the second album.

The first single off of 'Anna', called 'Lose Control' is definitely reminiscent of older tracks such as 'Cross My Heart and Hope To Fly' and 'You Overdid It Doll', with a dance feel to it. 'Lose Control' is another song The Courteeners can add to their legendary live arsenal as a classic that the die-hard fans will love.

The album as a whole has a vibe of 'by the Mancunians, for the Mancunians', especially because it is so alike the forefather figures such as Oasis (early-ish days) and The Smiths. However if you look past a lot of the lyrical content, and focus mainly on the music, you'll see that is meant to appeal to a wider audience. Anyone who's a fan of Brit-Pop, Indie, Rock, or pretty much anything will enjoy at least a song or two off this album. For me it's a great record from The Courteeners and the bar is certainly held high, and just to top it all off, I'm very glad I bought a signed copy of the album, something for the collection!

Stand-out tracks on the album: "Lose Control", "Welcome To The Rave"

Rating: 7 out of 10

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