Saturday, 19 January 2013

Mini Review (Projekt Records) KatzKab - Objet No.1

Electro + Punk + Cabaret = ?

Every now and then I'll be posting a mini review for albums I listen to through Projekt Records, and this is the first I'll be reviewing:

To start with, quirky is not a strong enough word to describe this band. KatzKab is an electro/punk/cabaret band with a female vocalist. Their use of electronic synth licks and syncopated drumming have a strong effect on their music. They are a clever band who have managed to combine very different genres of music to create this futuristic hybrid which seeps with cohesion.

They are beginning to make a name for themselves in Europe; particularly Germany and Belgium, but I'm here to spread the word and urge you to check them out. If you fancy listening to something that sounds so crazy yet it actually works, then this is the album for you. Sonically it is a huge experimental experience, yet one worth taking.

Here is their bandcamp:

Enjoy listening.

Objet No. 1 cover art

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