Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hatebreed - The Divinity of Purpose

Love of Hatebreed

One of the pioneering bands from the Metalcore scene, Hatebreed, are back with their sixth studio album. Be warned; they are as angry as ever.

Hatebreed are a band that have often slipped under the radar in terms of mainstream attention. They are definitely a band who have given hours of blood, sweat and tears into crafting themselves as a group who dominate the Metalcore and Hardcore scene. So with their newest release, have they proved that they are as vital to the underground as they always have been?

The Divinity of Purpose kicks off with a short, stabbing track, typical to that which they are famous for writing. The opener is also their single, entitled "Put It To the Torch" and immediately we can hear the Celtic Frost and Slayer influence with the shouting vocals and pounding drumming which pierce through your eardrums. Pure aggression is bursting at the seams throughout the entire record, it wouldn't be a Hatebreed album if it was soothing. Each track flows into the other, as the abrupt endings lead into the harsh riffs and fast tempos of the next song. The best example of the transitions between songs is the fourth song on the album; "The Language" as it brutally comes to a halt and the next track "Before the Fight Ends You" powerfully kicks in.

If anyone is able to listen to this album and not feel the urge to head-bang, then they shouldn't be listening to Hatebreed, or any kind of metal and rock. They should probably stick to One Direction. Hatebreed is the perfect band to see in a tent at a festival or in a dingy venue. Imagine the brutality of the music banging through the amps and the crowd's participation in screaming the words to every song back to the band, not to mention the circle pits forming.

Overall a solid album from the Metalcore vets, it's a record that will cement themselves as the kings of the underground, as well as it lining up well against their previous releases. Let's hope we see them at some festivals this year!

Stand out tracks on the album: "Before the Fight Ends You", "Dead Man Breating" and "Bitter Truth"

Rating: 7 out of 10

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