Saturday, 19 January 2013

Everything Everything - Arc

Hooray for Indie!

This is a review I was meant to post a couple of days but I got caught up in my incredibly busy life and have just managed to get some time to post it on here.

I suppose this is my first official review of 2013 and it feels good to be back! So without further ado; I present you with Everything Everything (so good you have to say it twice)

A band that I've been fairly familiar with from the get-go. It's a poncy kind of Art-Rock but made to appeal to the Indie masses. They're back with their second album, called 'Arc'. Throughout it contains falsetto vocals that are worrying for a male singer, as well as catchy songs, supported by fun-filled guitar riffs and bass lines. If you're a fan of Indie, but fancy something a little different to the bands out there making the same generic music, then this album is certainly worth your time of day. It is basically the ideal summer festival music, Arc contains tunes that you would wanna listen to in a tent at Glastonbury.

The band seem to have a humorous side to them, with song names like 'Torso of the Week' and 'Hands For Feet', it's no wonder that they're worth a listen. But be warned, this band will blow up in the UK throughout 2013. They will be playing bigger venues to larger crowds, their true fans from day one will be proud of 'Arc' and will see it as a step up from their first album 'Man Alive' , which was released in 2010. Everything Everything have said goodbye to those odd time signatures used in Math Rock, and have worked out a formula for a well constructed record.

So overall it's a great album full of musically refreshing songs and is a classic example of a young band growing up and progressing in the right way. The only criticism I have is the awful use of autotune in the opening song 'Cough Cough', it must be deliberate because it's disgraceful. They always say the second album is the hardest to make; however Everything Everything have nailed it.

Stand-out tracks on the album: "Torso of the Week", "Don't Try"

Rating: 8 out of 10

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