Saturday, 12 January 2013

Back For 2013! - An Insight Into Projekt Records

Hello everybody, Happy New Year!

I am back and ready to review, but today's post is something a little more different. I received an email about a record label called 'Projekt Records'. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, like I was, they are a US independent label which have entered their 30th year, a pretty amazing feat for an independent record label. They mainly specialise in darkwave, shoegazing and gothic music. Sam Rosenthal runs the label, and for three decades has done an outstanding job to maintain its survival.

Below is a link of their webpage and Bandcamp if you wish to find out more, or listen to the artists/bands on their label:

Throughout the year I'll be doing a fair amount of reviews from albums that have been released from Projekt, just to show support and spread the word. If you enjoy the music they release, you too can spread the word about them and help them to gain new fans.

Thanks for reading; plenty of reviews will be coming soon!


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