Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hatebreed - The Divinity of Purpose

Love of Hatebreed

One of the pioneering bands from the Metalcore scene, Hatebreed, are back with their sixth studio album. Be warned; they are as angry as ever.

Hatebreed are a band that have often slipped under the radar in terms of mainstream attention. They are definitely a band who have given hours of blood, sweat and tears into crafting themselves as a group who dominate the Metalcore and Hardcore scene. So with their newest release, have they proved that they are as vital to the underground as they always have been?

The Divinity of Purpose kicks off with a short, stabbing track, typical to that which they are famous for writing. The opener is also their single, entitled "Put It To the Torch" and immediately we can hear the Celtic Frost and Slayer influence with the shouting vocals and pounding drumming which pierce through your eardrums. Pure aggression is bursting at the seams throughout the entire record, it wouldn't be a Hatebreed album if it was soothing. Each track flows into the other, as the abrupt endings lead into the harsh riffs and fast tempos of the next song. The best example of the transitions between songs is the fourth song on the album; "The Language" as it brutally comes to a halt and the next track "Before the Fight Ends You" powerfully kicks in.

If anyone is able to listen to this album and not feel the urge to head-bang, then they shouldn't be listening to Hatebreed, or any kind of metal and rock. They should probably stick to One Direction. Hatebreed is the perfect band to see in a tent at a festival or in a dingy venue. Imagine the brutality of the music banging through the amps and the crowd's participation in screaming the words to every song back to the band, not to mention the circle pits forming.

Overall a solid album from the Metalcore vets, it's a record that will cement themselves as the kings of the underground, as well as it lining up well against their previous releases. Let's hope we see them at some festivals this year!

Stand out tracks on the album: "Before the Fight Ends You", "Dead Man Breating" and "Bitter Truth"

Rating: 7 out of 10

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Everything Everything - Arc

Hooray for Indie!

This is a review I was meant to post a couple of days but I got caught up in my incredibly busy life and have just managed to get some time to post it on here.

I suppose this is my first official review of 2013 and it feels good to be back! So without further ado; I present you with Everything Everything (so good you have to say it twice)

A band that I've been fairly familiar with from the get-go. It's a poncy kind of Art-Rock but made to appeal to the Indie masses. They're back with their second album, called 'Arc'. Throughout it contains falsetto vocals that are worrying for a male singer, as well as catchy songs, supported by fun-filled guitar riffs and bass lines. If you're a fan of Indie, but fancy something a little different to the bands out there making the same generic music, then this album is certainly worth your time of day. It is basically the ideal summer festival music, Arc contains tunes that you would wanna listen to in a tent at Glastonbury.

The band seem to have a humorous side to them, with song names like 'Torso of the Week' and 'Hands For Feet', it's no wonder that they're worth a listen. But be warned, this band will blow up in the UK throughout 2013. They will be playing bigger venues to larger crowds, their true fans from day one will be proud of 'Arc' and will see it as a step up from their first album 'Man Alive' , which was released in 2010. Everything Everything have said goodbye to those odd time signatures used in Math Rock, and have worked out a formula for a well constructed record.

So overall it's a great album full of musically refreshing songs and is a classic example of a young band growing up and progressing in the right way. The only criticism I have is the awful use of autotune in the opening song 'Cough Cough', it must be deliberate because it's disgraceful. They always say the second album is the hardest to make; however Everything Everything have nailed it.

Stand-out tracks on the album: "Torso of the Week", "Don't Try"

Rating: 8 out of 10

Mini Review (Projekt Records) KatzKab - Objet No.1

Electro + Punk + Cabaret = ?

Every now and then I'll be posting a mini review for albums I listen to through Projekt Records, and this is the first I'll be reviewing:

To start with, quirky is not a strong enough word to describe this band. KatzKab is an electro/punk/cabaret band with a female vocalist. Their use of electronic synth licks and syncopated drumming have a strong effect on their music. They are a clever band who have managed to combine very different genres of music to create this futuristic hybrid which seeps with cohesion.

They are beginning to make a name for themselves in Europe; particularly Germany and Belgium, but I'm here to spread the word and urge you to check them out. If you fancy listening to something that sounds so crazy yet it actually works, then this is the album for you. Sonically it is a huge experimental experience, yet one worth taking.

Here is their bandcamp:

Enjoy listening.

Objet No. 1 cover art

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Back For 2013! - An Insight Into Projekt Records

Hello everybody, Happy New Year!

I am back and ready to review, but today's post is something a little more different. I received an email about a record label called 'Projekt Records'. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, like I was, they are a US independent label which have entered their 30th year, a pretty amazing feat for an independent record label. They mainly specialise in darkwave, shoegazing and gothic music. Sam Rosenthal runs the label, and for three decades has done an outstanding job to maintain its survival.

Below is a link of their webpage and Bandcamp if you wish to find out more, or listen to the artists/bands on their label:

Throughout the year I'll be doing a fair amount of reviews from albums that have been released from Projekt, just to show support and spread the word. If you enjoy the music they release, you too can spread the word about them and help them to gain new fans.

Thanks for reading; plenty of reviews will be coming soon!