Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Darkness - Hot Cakes

I Believe In A Thing Called Glam-Rock Revival

The glitter and glamour has re-entered the rock scene, with The Darkness' newest release 'Hot Cakes'; their first album since 2005. It is fair to say this was a highly anticipated album, due to the fact that it had been so long since The Darkness were together as a unit, we were hoping to expect them to hit the studio and write an album full of classics, just like 'Permission to Land'. We got what we expected for the most part. We all ask the same question though: "Why the hell is the album called Hot Cakes?"

The album begins with the aptly named 'Every Inch Of You' which contains the screechy, high-pitched vocals this band are renowned for. The duel lead guitar lines have returned, greater than ever, as the band sound just as good as they did when they hit the big time. Each song is so typically a glam-revival, it is exactly what is needed in Rock at this moment in time, a bit of life and laughter, and who better to bring it back than the legendary 'Kings of Cheese'. The parody feeling is still in existence, as Justin Hawkins and his wonderous moustache are taking control once again of bringing pure fun to the music world. The lyrics are as inappropriate as ever, each song contain some type of euphemism, which to be fair is what we love about the band. The album itself feels more cohesive than the previous two, there seems to be less filler and more fun-filled tracks. The band sound tighter together, it seems as if they can be taken more seriously by the public than before. Although they do not care about public perception, and purely on their loyal fanbase. This album smashes all negative expectations out the way, because it is an extremely solid record with quality, upbeat tunes, just made more enjoyable by them AC/DC influenced riffs.

To summarise, if you were a Darkness fan before, you'll love it. If you weren't a fan originally, then you either don't recognise good ol' fashion Glam Rock that gets everyone in the mood for rocking out, or this will convert you and you can join the rest of the Rock world when they are dancing to these bangers at festivals around the world. 

Stand-out tracks on this album are: "With A Woman", "Everybody Have A Good Time". Also their cover of the Radiohead song "Street Spirit (Fade Out) will be one that splits opinions, with the Radiohead fans questioning their own 'morals' before listening to The Darkness' take on the hit.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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