Thursday, 20 September 2012

Linkin Park - Living Things

Burning Down The Barriers

By now most of you reading this would have heard this album, but for those who haven't, or for those who have just given up (no pun intended) on Linkin Park, you might want to give this a quick read.

We can all admit that there won't be an album with Linkin Park's name on it that will ever be as good as the astounding, ball-breaking debut "Hybrid Theory", but this is about as close as we'll get to Linkin Park showing some kind of return to form. Their previous effort "A Thousand Suns" got most people raging inside. How can a band whose first two albums were so incredible, have a downfall and release a sub-par album that sounded like they didn't have a clue what true direction they wanted to take. The mainstream fans mildy enjoyed it. The avid 'been fans from day one' crew felt like part of them died. No one should be made to listen to "Robot Boy".

However, there's been a twist of fate on "Living Things" as the band have seen a a guiding light shining in front of them. Yes, the electronic noises are still there, but this time used slightly more appropriately and decisively. We can forgive them though because some of the screaming vocals and crunching guitars that they were famous for at the beginning have made a return in full force. "Lost In The Echo" is easily one of the best LP songs of the last 5 or so years. A perfectly blended mix of all the elements that make a great modern Rock/Electronic song. I feel that the aggression they lacked in the last album is back, the gritty sounds just make all that difference in reviving their Nu-Metal roots. Mike Shinoda's rapping is no longer embarrasing, and of all the members, he seems to be the one who has made the biggest impact on this album, making sure it is appealing and frankly not appauling. There seems to be a theme in the lyrics about love and loss, but not in the traditionally, soppy sense. You can feel the emotions running through the music, and their darkened vision is seen throughout. It is so dark at times, the album should have been called "A Thousand Moons".

Stand-out tracks are: "Lost In The Echo", "Victimized" and "Powerless"

Overall a very decent album for a band who shouldn't be seen as a laughing stock in the Rock and Metal world, but should be seen as legendary.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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